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11/28/14 5:45 am CST

Good morning, Tiger Fans,

In what turned out to be a nail-biter of a game, LSU hung on to beat Texas A&M 23-17 and finished the regular season 8-4. The Tigers’ defense was dominant for most of the night and their offense did a good job of moving the chains, but LSU squandered several opportunities to put away the game and made it much more nerve-wracking then it should have been. Despite more than doubling Texas A&M’s time of possession and total yardage, the Tigers found themselves up by less than a touchdown with the Aggies driving in the final two minutes of the game, and at that point I had that eerie déjà vu feeling and feared that things would not end well for the Tigers. But give it to LSU’s defense, which played spectacularly all night, for rising to the challenge and keeping the Aggies out of the end zone on their final possession which ended in an interception by Jalen Collins. 

Going into the game, we suspected that LSU could win this game by pounding the rock, and that’s exactly what they did. The Tigers ran for 384 yards, which was the most rushing yards LSU has gained against an SEC opponent since Nov. 1, 1997 at Kentucky (400). 

Leonard Fournette led the Tigers in rushing with a career-best 146 yards, and one of the key plays on the game came when he absolutely bulldozed A&M safety Howard Mathews on a 22-yard touchdown run. Then late in the fourth quarter Fournette had another beauty of a run that went for 46-yards and put the Tigers at first and goal from the Aggies’ 32-yard line, but surprisingly LSU didn’t give Fournette the ball again and the Tigers had to settle for a 43-yard field goal by Colby Delahoussaye. I was really happy to see Delahoussaye nail the field goal after missing one in the first quarter (his third consecutive miss over two games).

Anthony Jennings ran for 119 yards, and completed 12-for-21 pass attempts for 107 yards with one TD with one interception. While those passing numbers are far from spectacular, it was a relatively good night for Jennings. (After the game, Jennings called it one of his best games of the season.) As expected, Brandon Harris did not take a snap, although after the game Coach Miles said that he would have liked to have gotten him in the game and that it was a mistake on his part to not do so. 

Malachi Dupre was LSU’s leading receiver with one catch for 41 yards. John Diarse had three catches for 29 yards, Travin Dural had two catches for 11 yards and Trey Quinn had one for three yards. Fullback Connor Neighbors and running back Terrance Magee each added a pair of catches for 13 and 11 yards, respectively, and tight-end Travis Dickson had one catch for five yards. 

Overall, I thought LSU’s offensive game plan was very good. The mix of jet sweeps, read-options, and i-runs was effective against the Aggie defense, and I was happy to see LSU throw the ball more on first down and be a little less predictable in the first half. 

And what can you say about LSU’s defense, which limited the Aggies’ offense to 228 total yards - its second-lowest output this season? A couple of defenders who deserve special recognition are safety Jamal Adams and defensive end Jermauria Rasco who led the Tigers with eight tackles each. What’s particularly impressive about Adams’ eight tackles is that seven of them were solo tackles. Mark my words, Adams is going to be a superstar before leaving LSU. 

I’ll leave you today with these LSU video highlights, the stats below and a few final thoughts: While it wasn’t pretty at times, a road win in the SEC is always commendable, and this one was much needed. There was a fear that LSU would come out flat and uninspired to play on Thanksgiving Day with all of their season’s goals out of reach, but that was certainly not the case. LSU dominated on both sides of the ball, and if it weren’t for a few missed opportunities and one big run by A&M, the score would have clearly reflected that. Yes, LSU was fortunate to not have the offsides penalty called on the game-sealing interception, but I don’t feel bad about it considering the bogus pass interference call in the fourth quarter that gave A&M a field goal. Enjoy the well-deserved win, Tiger Fans, and wear your purple and gold with pride. Look for much more on the game in tomorrow’s report.

LSU TAM Postgame stats

One last thing… my sincere thanks to all of you who responded to my Thanksgiving Message yesterday. I hope you all had a wonderful, memorable day.


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11/27/14 5:45 am CST

Good morning, Tiger Fans,

The first thing I’d like to do today is wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I’d also like to thank all of you who emailed me with your kind words concerning the Thanksgiving message I posted yesterday. It’s great to know that so many of you can relate to the recollections, observations and values expressed in my Dad’s stories of simpler times in the 30s and 40s, or to my stories of growing up in the 70s and 80s. For many of you, reading those stories brought back magnificent memories of family and all the things we have in our lives for which to be thankful, and to me that’s what today is all about. If you missed it in yesterday’s report, I hope you’ll take a moment to click here and read my annual Thanksgiving message.

At 6:30 p.m. CT, the LSU football team will be looking to bounce back from consecutive losses and end the regular season on a high note when they face the Aggies of Texas A&M in College Station. The game will be televised on ESPN and LSU is currently a 3-point favorite. Earlier this week, we looked at how the two teams stack up against one another, and today I’ll give you my keys to an LSU victory. Here we go…

Keys to an LSU Victory over Texas A&M

Re-establish the run game
I know a lot of folks would like to see LSU throw all caution to the wind and air the ball out in an attempt to further develop a quarterback and establish a much needed passing game, but that’s not likely to happen. LSU’s bread and butter has been its run game (at least until two weeks ago against Arkansas), and against this A&M team, which is 106th in the nation in run defense, it stands to reason that the Tigers should have success running the ball. Against Arkansas, Leonard Fournette only received five carries. Today LSU needs to feed him the ball early and often and let him soften the Aggie defense, which, in turn, will open up some opportunities for the play-action passing game.  

Pressure Kyle Allen
While LSU’s outstanding secondary can play a big part in limiting Kyle Allen’s success, so can the Tigers' pass rush. As Les Miles stated in his press conference this week, Allen is the first true pocket passer that LSU has faced this season, and that should provide an opportunity for LSU to blitz aggressively. 

Create turnovers 
Building on the previous key, if LSU can turn up the heat on A&M’s freshman quarterback, it’s likely that he’ll make a mistake or two. Despite playing exceptionally well, LSU’s secondary has only come away with nine interceptions this year, which puts them tied with Alabama for 10th in the SEC in that category. (The only two SEC teams with fewer interceptions are Vanderbilt and Texas A&M.) If an opportunity for a turnover presents itself today, the Tiger defense needs to capitalize on it to give LSU’s struggling offense all the help it can get. 

Minimize obvious passing situations
A&M freshman defensive end Myles Garrett is one of the best pass rushers in the country. If LSU finds itself in obvious passing situations, Garrett will be a load to handle as he’s sure to rush aggressively. LSU needs to mix up its play calling, throw some on first and second downs, and avoid falling into the predictable run-run-pass mode.

And now for my weekly predictions. Last week I struggled with my picks and went 7-6. On the season my record is 103-40 (.720). Here we go…

LSU 30 Texas A&M 23
Alabama 35 Auburn 24
Florida 20 Florida State 38
Arkansas 31 Missouri 27
Georgia 42 Georgia Tech 30
Clemson 31 South Carolina 30
Kentucky 17 Louisville 28
Tennessee 34 Vanderbilt 17
UL-Lafayette 34 Troy 28
UL-Monroe 24 Georgia Southern 33
Southeastern LA 35  at Sam Houston State 33
La Tech 38 Rice 31

In other news, according to CoachingSearch.com, LSU assistant coach Frank Wilson is in the mix for the head coaching job at Troy. Wilson has been at LSU for five years and has been absolutely outstanding as recruiting coordinator and running backs coach. During that time, four of LSU’s recruiting classes have finished in the top-10 nationally, including last year’s class which finished second and featured the consensus No 1 player in the nation, Leonard Fournette. Wilson’s contract at LSU expires this year, and losing him would obviously be a big blow to the Tigers. The other coach being reported as a candidate for the Troy job is Ole Miss co-offensive coordinator / offensive line coach, Matt Luke.

In women’s basketball news, LSU’s game scheduled for yesterday was cancelled due to a facility conflict. LSU (2-4) was slated to face off against UTEP (2-2) on day two of the three-day Hardwood Tournament of Hope. An alternate site for today’s games is being looked at, but as of now I’ve heard of no further schedule details.


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11/26/14 5:35 am CST

Good morning, Tiger Fans,

I know that many of you will be traveling tomorrow, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Those of you who’ve followed this site for a while know that Thanksgiving is a special time of year for me, just as it was for my Dad, “Dandy Don” Long. Every year at this time, Dad would give thanks for his many blessings and remind us that as great as LSU sports are, there are more important things in life. I think that’s a great tradition worth continuing, and today I intend to do just that by sharing with you my third annual Thanksgiving Message. In it, you’ll find links to my Dad’s legendary Thanksgiving stories about the good ol’ days gone by, as well as few stories of my own including the ones I shared with you last year about how this website came to be, and about my life as a kid in the 70s and 80s. As lagniappe, I’ve included links to a few of our recipes that you might find useful this time of year, and to a poem written by one of our readers that was inspired by Dad’s stories. I hope you find it enjoyable and worth sharing with your families. 

Now back to our normal order of business…. The LSU football team will enjoy its Thanksgiving dinner today at the Faculty Club before flying out to Texas for tomorrow’s big game against the Aggies. The team will depart from the Baton Rouge airport at 2:30 this afternoon and arrive in Houston at 3:30. After spending tonight at La Torretta Resort in Montgomery, Texas, the Tigers will head out to College Station tomorrow at 3:25 to prepare for the 6:32 kickoff against the Aggies.  For a full list of Times of Interest, please click here. 

Last night Coach Les Miles held his weekly radio talk-show, and below you’ll find my rough summary of its key points.  

Rickey from Birmingham pointed out that the team could end up fourth or last in the SEC West and asked if there is enough there to motivate the team to lay it all on the line tomorrow night. Miles answered affirmatively, saying the team realizes they can win nine games and extend their streak of 8-win seasons to 15, but really it’s matter of  playing hard for who you are and who you represent.

Ron from Kenner talked about the “anemic” play at quarterback and asked if that was because of the players or the coaching. Miles said the problem is not with coaching and that Cam Cameron is a tremendous coach who is doing a great job of mentoring the quarterbacks. While acknowledging that everyone is unsatisfied with quarterback play, Miles said it may not all be the quarterbacks’ fault and then mentioned pass protection and drops by young receivers. Miles added that he would not be surprised at any point to see Brandon Harris taking some snaps.

When asked by Donald from Vicksburg why Harris has received 50% of the snaps in practice yet has not received more playing time, Miles answered by saying, “We’ve chosen not to make the decision on our future quarterback until down the road. That’s why he’s getting 50 percent of the reps.” Miles also said they are trying to put Harris in a position where he can make some explosive plays without encumbering him with the whole offense. In his closing statement to Donald, Miles emphasized that Anthony Jennings is currently the quarterback who makes the team better over a range of things.

Michael from Lafayette said that the offense is more one-dimensional than he’s seen it in a long time and asked how that can be corrected so that all the playmakers can contribute. Miles said the plan is to have balance and to execute better in the passing game, but that the plan “doesn’t currently fit the age of our passing group - both receivers and QB.”

The next caller, Neil, asked why they no longer name Plays of the Game during the weekly call in shows, as they’ve done in year’s past. Miles said that’s a great question and that he really enjoyed that part of the show, too. Gordy Rush, who was filling in for Jim Hawthorne, assured Neil that in the next edition of the show they’ll bring back that feature.

Sadie, the young girl from Denton, Texas, who usually calls-in each week, was in the live audience for the show and asked Coach Miles what he’s most thankful for. Miles answered first with, “My family and the good health the lord has provided.” He then added that he’s very thankful for his players who are motivated, hard working and very ambitious.

Genie from New Orleans asked Coach Miles how he balances keeping his players here versus leaving early for the pros. Miles’ answer was a little hard to understand, as he started with something like,  “We recruit a style of guy that can come in and play right way, and that makes it more likely that he’ll be gone after three years,” and ended with something about that being harder to do with quarterbacks, although Jordan Jefferson was very productive as a true freshmen. Sorry, but I wasn’t able to follow enough of his answer to give you a clear translation. 

The Big Ragoo emphasized that it is very important to win out and end with nine wins, as this will carry over into recruiting and the whole nine yards. He then asked Miles if Leonard Fournette would get more than 5 carries in this game. Miles’ answer was, “We have to have some carries to give him.”

Bart from Memphis reminded Coach Miles that in the second half against Wisconsin Jennings worked out of the pistol set with the offense spread out and that the team ran well and Jennings seemed comfortable. He also pointed out that in the Arkansas game the Razorbacks were able to pick up on a lot of tendencies and anticipate where the play was going. Miles said they have kept the formations we saw against Wisconsin and have used them at times. As for the predictability, Miles said that they are trying to off-set those tendencies. 

In other football news, LT La'el Collins has been invited to participate in the Senior Bowl on January 24 at Ladd Memorial Stadium in Mobile. Other Tigers invited to play in post-season all-star games include  DE Jermauria Rasco and RBs Terrence Magee and Kenny Hilliard, who have been invited to participate in the East-West Shrine game on January 17 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. At this time, it is uncertain whether Hilliard will be able to participate in the Tigers bowl game or in the East-West Shrine game due to the shoulder injury he suffered against Alabama. 

In football recruiting news, LSU has been turning up the heat on a couple of Florida commitments since Will Muschamp's resignation. On Monday LSU extended an offer to Derrick Dillon (ATH, 6-0, 174, Pine, No. 18 on our list of Top LA Prospects), and yesterday I learned that George Brown (OT/DE, 6-6, 253) is set to visit LSU on the weekend of December 5th. Brown is former Tiger running back Spencer Ware's cousin, and he is said to have a great relationship with LSU offensive line coach Jeff Grimes. It’s looking like December 5th is shaping up to be a big recruiting weekend with several official visits, and in a subsequent report we’ll take a look at who LSU is expecting in. 

A couple of basketball tid-bits in closing: 

• LSU’s Lady Tigers, who began with a preseason ranking of 24th in the country, are now 2-4 after losing to Santa Clara in Mexico yesterday. Despite cutting an 11-point halftime deficit to three with less than two minutes to play, LSU was unable to complete the comeback and fell 69-67 in the opening game of the Hardwood Tournament of Hope. The Lady Tigers will return to action today at 2:30 p.m. CT against UTEP before completing the tournament on Thanksgiving Day at 5 p.m. CT against Kansas State.

• Congratulations are in order for LSU sophomore Jordan Mickey who was named to the Paradise Jam All-Tournament team. Mickey averaged 16.7 points and 10 rebounds per game and had a career-high 27 points and 14 rebounds in LSU’s win over Weber State.

That’s it for today folks. Now it’s time for me to walk out to the garden and pick a big mess of turnips and mustard greens to prepare for tomorrow’s feast. Have a great day, Tiger Fans, and make the most of this holiday time. 

Reader Comments: Hi Scott, I'm a longtime reader, LSU alum, and season ticket holder. I'm active duty in the Air Force. My wife and I are going to Texas A&M game and for the first time in a long time we don't have anyone to tailgate with. Just wanted to see if you may have heard of any tailgates that would take us 2 on. We definitely don't mind contributing $$, just would like to tailgate with fellow LSU fans. My personal email is drfalconlsu@yahoo.com

Reader Comments: Scott, here’s a good article on LSU’s basketball team needing to grow quickly: Youthful Tigers talented, but are a work in progress


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