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Dandy Don’s LSU Ticket Exchange

Ticket Exchange

Looking for LSU tickets? Check here!

Because of the extreme demand for tickets, we only post anouncements concerning tickets for sale or for trade. Also, please note that we do not include pricing information. To have your tickets added to this page, please simply email me the information and be sure to include a means of contact.

Updated 3/7/19

I have two season tickets for sale in West upper deck. They are chairback seats. PHONE 352 750 5881.

I have two LSU season tickets for sale in Section 421. Please call or text 225.747.0292 for more information. 

2 season tickets - Section 100 - row 51- seats 13 and 14.  Benny Jeansonne 601-807-3703 or e-mail bjeansonne@silassimmons.com

Two 50 YARD LINE LSU Football Season Tickets for sale for entire 2019 Season: Section 616, ROW 1, Seats 5 and 6, Chairbacks. Asking face value and TAF contribution. Buyer will also be able to submit LSU Football PostSeason ticket requests through Seller's TAF season ticket holder status. Email spolitz@hotmail.com if interested.

Pair of LSU Football Season tickets for sale. I will give a $100 discount on the face value of TAF Fee + season ticket cost.
Seats are located in Section 239, Row 17, Seats 22-23 (aisle).
If interested, please contact me at admytra@yahoo.com

LSU Season tickets for sale. Section 101, Row 62, Seats 3 and 4 on the 20 Yard line, West Side Lower Bowl. Email:Dmayeux@lamar.com 
asking face plus TAF donation.

I'm selling my 2019 LSU Football season tickets.  I have 4 in Sec 215, Row 15, Seats 5,6,7,8.  I'm asking face value plus TAF fund.  You can contact me at lsutigerbait@ymail.com

2019 Football Season Tickets For Sale - 2 Seats
Section 403: Row 31 SEATS 3-4 
Located in the southeast corner of lower bowl with easy access to The Chute. Seats are shaded by south end zone upper deck during day games 
e-mail: tigerbaiting.1984@gmail.com 


Sec 300 Row 26 Seats 7-10. If you buy these this year,I will give you first refusal every season. Selling 4 not breaking up the seats. charlied@aisp.net

 I have two season tickets for sale for the upcoming season. I'm not selling the rights, just the season tickets.

Section  215
Row 23
Seats 23 and 24
Asking face value.
If interested, contact me at

 I have 4 season tickets together on the isle for sale in South End Zone section L-413 row 33 (seats 31-34)  Tradition fund plus face value.  Please contact Joel if interested. 337-352-0101 or joel.dugas@faussepoint.com

LSU Season tickets for sale. Section 106, Row 61, Seats 1-6 on the 10 Yard line, West Side Lower Bowl. Will sell in sets of 2,4, or 6.  Email: tmautner@aol.com

2-LSU football season tickets for sale
Sec 515 (Tiger Terrace) Row 3.
Hone side, 35 yard line-Great View.Looking to sell whole package before March 31 deadline
Text 225-229-2000.

I have 2 sets  2019 football season tickets to sell.
2 together south412 row40 seats 23-24
2 together north238 row7 seats 9-10

For Sale 2019 football season tickets
south 412 row 3 seats 8,9,10, and row 4 seat 9.
contact johntmartin@bellsouth.net

SEC. 216 ROW H SEATS 1.2
Plus you can order away games

I have two single tickets to sell:

LSU/Tennessee - February 23, 2019
Section 214, Row N, Seat 14

LSU/Texas A&M – February 26, 2019
Section 214, Row N, Seat 14

Please contact Dale Bernard.  
Cell 337-540-3740
Home 337-477-3961

Looking to split my 4 season football tickets in Section 301 for the next several years, including ticket cost and TAF fees.  Too hard to attend every game during the season, so I only want to go to half the games.  Each of us would get 4 tickets to 2 SEC games and equal split of the non-conference games, each year.  Email if interested kzito@sizeler.com


2 tickets to the LSU basketball game vs Tennessee on 2/23/2019. Tickets are in section 112, row B. Email me for pricing information. F.robinson930@gmail.com


I have four tickets in Section 420 for sale this year. For more information please text 225.747.0292.  Geaux Tigers!

Set of four (4) LSU football season tickets.  Section 416 in the south end zone, row 35, seats 12 – 14.  Please text Cindy at 225-281-0306 for questions and information.


(4) 2019 football season tickets for sale
Northeast End Zone Sec 212 row 19
Seats 32 - 35
Asking what I paid, Face Value + TAF
Randy @ 706-332-5879 or rblancha@us.ibm.com


LSU football season tickets for sale
Sec 301 Row 30, Seats 10 & 11
Visitors side, north end, 20 yard line. About a third of the way up
Been in the family for almost 65 years. Total package is $2800 with the TAF donation. Looking to sell whole package before March 31 deadline
Call 225-921-4283

2 LSU Football tickets for the 2019 season and maybe beyond. Lower east side, section 300, row 48. These are 2 of 10 tickets in a TAF account. Buyer would pay the TAF fees as well as the actual ticket costs.Contact LSUMac@lsumac.com for complete details.

We have 18 season tickets available. Sec. 301 Row 38 and Sec. 103 Rows 8 and 59.These do have a premium attached but come with first right of refusal for future years. Email mhollo5177@aol.com of text Chip at 760-608-3054


I have 4 football season tickets for sale. South end-zone Section 416 row C 
seats 5-8. Text Jeff at (985) 514-8161 of you are interested. 
LSU Season Basketball Tickets
Section 102
Row K
Seats 15 - 16
Aisle Seats Nearest Mid-Court
Call or Text 225-933-5072

LSU BASEBALL I have 2-Season Baseball Tickets for sale. I can be reached at 985-517-1011


Two Season Basketball Tickets
Courtside Lower Level
Section 102 Row K Seats 15 - 16
Call or text 225-933-5072


I have tickets available for all LSU games including the road game. 1-877-225-2155









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