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Coach O Show Recap 8/30/17

Coach O began the show with kind words and prayers for the victims of Harvey and said how proud he was of the Cajun Navy and all that folks from Louisiana have done to help. It was also good to hear him say most of the families of LSU’s Texas Tigers are doing well, despite being stranded.

Asked about the BYU Cougars and their season opener last week, Orgeron said they ran the ball very well and that their strength is their O-line. He added that they’re stout on defense and only gave up six points. He’s sure they made some first-game mistakes that they won’t make this week and that’s an advantage for them, but he likes the advantage his Tigers have since BYU hasn’t seen what Canada’s offense will do. “I know they’ve practiced stuff (that Canada did) from Pittsburgh, but we’re going to give them some surprises.”

Here’s something many of you have asked about: What has LSU done to help limit self-inflicting penalties, especially with Matt Canada’s motion-heavy offense? According to Coach O, they’ve had officials at every scrimmage and during each of last week’s practices. In their first scrimmage, they had 15 penalties, but they reduced that number to seven in last week’s scrimmage.

Rickey from Birmingham asked whether the quarterback has the ability to change the play at the line of scrimmage in Canada’s offense. Orgeron confirmed that the QB has that option on every play and that he can go from a run to a pass, or vice versa, after looking at the defense.

Jim from New Orleans asked what the chances are of Donté Jackson and Kary Vincent getting some touches on offense this week. “We’re not going to do that in the first game,” Orgeron said. “You may see them on special teams but not on offense this week.”

The one-of-a-kind Evil Twin got a roar from the live audience when he said that Coach O “will make LSU great again, build a recruiting wall around Louisiana, and make Saban pay for it.” He then asked Coach O how Jacoby Stevens is doing at wide receiver. Orgeron said he’s doing very well and will play a lot as a freshman.

Back to the phone lines, Bubba asked Coach O how confident he is in Danny Etling at quarterback. Orgeron said they are very confident in him. He added that if they protect Etling, they can execute any play they call, then emphasized that it takes all 11 men on offense and it’s not all on Etling’s shoulders. Later in the show, Coach O had more praise for Etling saying he works tirelessly and has earned his position.

From the Twitterverse, Coach O was asked for an update on star pass-rusher Arden Key. He said Key is doing well, not going full speed in pads yet but practicing, and is getting better every week. Still, Orgeron doesn’t know when Key is going to play.

Orgeron also commented on his star offensive player, Derrius Guice and put to rest any doubt of him not playing this week. “He looked very well at practice today,” Orgeron said. “He is going to play. He’s feeling good.” While that was fully expected, it was was still great to hear.

Evan from New Orleans asked how running back Nick Brossette is coming along. Orgeron said he’s had a fantastic camp, it’s just sometimes you have to wait your turn at LSU behind guys like Leonard Fournette and Guice. “Hopefully we can see him get a lot of touches this year. With Guice and Williams leaving after this year, next year might be (Brossette’s) year.”

When asked what stood out most to him about BYU, Orgeron was quick to say it was the “physicality of the offensive line.” He said the Cougars ran hard and were successful with the play-action pass to their 6-foot-5 tight end up the middle. He also said he was most impressed with their defensive coach, the fact that they’ve given up something like only 112 yards per game, and that they are a plus-12 (+12) in turnovers. By comparison, LSU was an even zero (0) in turnover ratio last year.

The last caller of the night asked about potential suspensions, to which Coach O replied much like he did earlier in the day during the SEC Coaches Teleconference. “There will be players who won’t play for disciplinary reasons each week, but I’m not going to announce it. We’ll handle it in-house,” he said.




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